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Content Creation Services

Content is king, but creating the right content is a never-ending job. Content production requires timing, targeting and strategizing. What’s right for you may be wrong for someone else and vice versa. Our first recommendation is VIDEO. Whether thats for a website, TV commercial, or social media depends on your audience. We can help you decide that and then we can help you create the content.

Luxury Property Tours

The realtor’s top-priority content. We strive to create video tours that are impossible to stop watching. If your branding calls for innovative, top-tier property tours, you’ve come to the right place.

Property Photos

Professional photos are step one for any luxury agent. You don’t have to hire three different creatives for showcasing a home. We can provide the photos, video tour and social stories all from one place.

Monthly Content

Content creation is a never-ending job. But we have the tools to make it efficient. We offer batch shooting, monthly plans, and campaign strategies. We create a package based on your needs, shoot once or twice a month, and deliver the content your audience wants all year.


Content is only half-complete without strategy. Campaign strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. We use proven approaches for delivering your brand to your core audience.

From Our Clients

Darren Tackett.jpeg

Darren Tackett, The Tackett Team

I have worked with Gabe for years now and he is my videographer of choice for all of my projects and new listings.  He knows how to not only create excellent videos but he is also creative and gives me great ideas while we are filming so that my videos always look professional and with a TV-like quality.  He also does drone footage so he is a one stop shop for me and my team when it comes to all of our video needs.  Can’t recommend him highly enough.

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